An Independent & Professional Search Marketing Marketing Consultant

My Name is Ashik Jibon. I have over eight years of experience implementing and managing SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns, Social media marketing, and consulting on general digital marketing best practices. In the present, I am working remotely full-time for The Wagner Agency in Orlando, Florida, as a Director Of Search Marketing.

I am a Google Certified SEO professional and PPC Expert, with 8 years of practical experience in implementing and managing SEO and PPC campaigns, website development, and consulting on general digital marketing best practices. My expertise ranges from organic to paid advertising and drives adequate revenues to surpass your expectation.

While I strive for my client’s satisfaction, I focus on my continuous professional development as well. I always keep myself updated with the latest Google trends to address in my strategies. Besides, my professional certifications in advanced SEO and Digital Marketing from high-authority platforms like Google Digital Garage, HubSpot Academy, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn have helped me secure a better position for my clients.

If sustainable growth is your concern, rest assured, you are in the right place. Do not hesitate to book a free consultation today for your business. Together, we will see the sales graph rising as the Phoenix had risen from the ashes!

SEO Marketing and Consulting Services I Offer

My Search engine optimization marketing & consultancy service is data-driven and ROI-obsessed. No matter if your business is just a start-up or a million-dollar corporation. As a Google certified SEO analyst, I make sure your business leverages the power of online advertising to grow exponentially.

However, my organic and paid digital marketing strategies primarily focus on your sales growth. At the same time, I aim for a sustainable search engine ranking through effective SEO consultancy.

My digital marketing consulting services help you attain substantial organic growth ranging from website design and development to converting prospects into repeat customers.

As a social media marketing expert, I design and deploy killer ad campaigns that attract leads and make direct sales.

My result-oriented digital marketing consultancy services leverage the below techniques to create brand awareness and increase sales:

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the art of embedding your website within the search engine’s ranking factors. As a technical SEO consultant, I deploy effective strategies to bring forth your website on SERPs by outranking your competitors.

  • On-Page SEO

Google primarily focuses on your on-page SEO while considering a ranking improvement. As an expert SEO consultant, I optimize your web pages, maintaining the best procedure. My SEO consultancy begins with a comprehensive audit and spreads over keyword research, optimization, content creation, H1 tag integration and etc.

  • Technical SEO

I call myself the best technical SEO expert as I have professional knowledge of website building and designing. As a result, I can dismantle your website and identify all issues— existing and potential. This helps me optimize your website for greater performance and, obviously, better ranking.

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is equally important as on-page SEO and Technical SEO. As a Off -Page SEO expert, I have in-depth knowledge of how Google treats links. Therefore, I always leverage high-quality backlinks to rank your website sustainably. Besides, it generates successful leads boosting your product sales.

  • Local SEO

Local business listing generates the best revenue for regional businesses. Hence, I leverage geographical data to identify local customers and prospects and deploy my local SEO expertise. It brings your brand to the eyes of local customers and local Google searches. Consequently, you get search engine supremacy earning significant revenues from your business.

– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Apart from driving traffic through organic methods, I also utilize paid marketing methods to achieve sales targets. To do so, I create and run strategic search engine marketing campaigns. I, along with my highly skilled digital marketing team, research saleable keywords, target audience, and display ads to relevant consumers.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC generates excellent results but is a bit costly. Whenever any of your prospects search for a relevant product online, I make sure your website displays at the top. My professional SEO consultancy offers PPC management service at affordable costs.

  • Google Ads Management

As an experienced online advertising specialist, I manage Google ads very effectively. I have served several clients in the past and helped them achieve great sales through Google Ads management. Based on the experience, I can assure you that investing in my digital marketing agency will surely pay off.

  • Bing Ads Management

Only a few SEO consultants offer Bing ads management due to a lack of confidence and practical exposure. I have years of expertise in Bing ads management and can guide you through the crowd of customers often overlooked by marketers.

– Social Media Marketing & Management

As a professional digital marketer, I hold supremacy in social media marketing and management. With my social media marketing and advertising skill, I can drive quality leads to your website. At the same time, my carefully designed social media ad campaigns will bring you direct sales. Moreover, as I combine my SEO strategy with the strategic social media approach, they generate quick results.

– Website Design & Development

Website is the soul of an online business. In fact, it shows off the virtual identity of an offline business as well. Therefore, the importance of having a website that reflects on your brand persona is paramount. With my professional website design and development team, I make sure your website is cross-device responsive and functional. Moreover, as a technical SEO expert, I guarantee that your website will rank faster on Google.

– Content Writing & Marketing

Content matters— so are the way you do the marketing of it. Besides, a digital marketing consultant cannot fulfill his duty if he cannot identify and craft persuasive content. My digital marketing consulting services include sales-oriented content creation. At the same time, my team performs effective content marketing under my direct supervision.

– Business Reputation Management

Dealing with customers online often comes with numerous challenges. Failure in responding to their queries is one of them. However, it affects the brand in terms of its reputation and value. My digital marketing consultancy services optimize your brand pages for unbeatable responsiveness. At the same time, my team remains 24/7 present physically to deal with the customers and save you from getting a negative review. Even if you get some negative reviews, we handle them in the most professional ways to diminish the effect. Besides, our digital marketing agency can spread positivity about your brand through impactful content creation, thus boosting confidence and sales.

Being an expert digital marketing expert, primarily, I focus on your brand’s organic growth. Besides, I aim for higher conversion rates along with enhanced online reputation. Having a vast team of qualified SEO and Digital Marketing practitioners, I can handle even large corporations with thousands of customers and intense competitions.

– SWOT Analysis

As a business owner, you might have some strategies to bring sales. But those might be insufficient in achieving your sales target. My digital marketing consulting service takes your successful strategies into account and devises additional plans to strengthen those strategies further. Likewise, I run comprehensive audits to identify weaknesses and improvement opportunities. After rectifying your website and social media pages of any issues, I look for potential threats and eliminate them instantly to avoid failures.

– Digital Marketing Strategy

My digital marketing strategy is no secret as I apply the same procedures as other successful marketers. The difference is in how I implement them. As a marketing expert, I gather all available data using premium tools and categorize them depending on your service range. Later, I tailor my approaches based on personal interests and needs. As I have said already, this is not a secret, and I bet thousands of marketers out there cannot do this effectively, which I can. And with this approach and some others (secret to me), I multiply your return on investment.

– Lead Generation

Without leads, you cannot even submit a business proposal. Therefore, I work entirely on generating valuable leads to your website. My lead generation service only incorporates relevant prospects, and so has the most conversion rates. As an internet marketing consultant, I know how to identify leads and diverting them to your den. So rest assured, your website will be a lead magnet with my successful social media marketing strategies.

– Website Audit & Optimization

Website shows your value in the virtual world and among your customers. With hands-on experience in practical SEO fields, I run in-depth audits on your website to identify existing and potential issues. I will eliminate them instantly and optimize the page for a faster loading speed. Hence, you will have more engaged visitors and a quicker search engine ranking.

– Handles SEO

As a professional SEO consultant, my digital marketing consultancy services ensure white-hat SEO. My services will help you rank faster on Google and stay closer to your customers. So, whenever you are hiring me for social media marketing services or any other advertising services, I will conduct an SEO audit for FREE!

– Social Media Advertising and Management

My expert social media marketing services will transform your business in the most meaningful way.  I can create and optimize your social media business page maintain a high standard. Similarly, my social media marketing service will increase followers, enhance engagement, attract customers, and raise brand awareness. With proven paid digital marketing campaigns, I can help you sell more on social media.

– PPC Advertising

Whenever you need instant sales, I will design effective paid digital marketing campaigns. My PPC advertising methods and tested and tried. As a result, you will get the leads you want to have. With relevancy checked and targets set to the right set of audiences, my digital marketing services will enhance conversions.

– E-commerce Digital Marketing

As a professional eCommerce digital marketing consultant, I can manage your business on WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix eCommerce, etc. I will ensure effectiveness in generating leads and conversion from handling your website SEO to marketing, promotion, and sales. Besides, my social media marketing service will drive potential leads to your business from external platforms.

– Market Research

As a strategic digital marketing consultant, I research the market thoroughly first. I gather adequate and valuable data to target your customers precisely. My digital marketing agency deploys the best tools to gather data and analyze them fruitfully. Besides, I will analyze your competitors and apply their success factors to your website and brand. This will help you outrank and outperform your competitors.

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Search engine optimization is referred to as SEO. Simply put, it is the act of optimizing your website for improved visibility when people search for your products or services on Google, Bing, and other search engines. Search engine visibility increases your business’s chances of attracting prospects and customers. So the higher your pages’ visibility in search results, the more likely you are to gain attention and capture their attention.

Search engine optimization marketing is very important for your business. You have an idea about paid advertising but If you want to do free advertising to get more traffic and sales, then SEO marketing is for you. You will get free and organic traffic from different Search Engines by SEO marketing. If you can rank first in search engines, then you can get 35% more daily potential traffic and earn more sales. To make a long story short, SEO marketing is cost-effective & helps you achieve your business goals.

You can try SEO for your business to go it alone but if you have no advanced knowledge then you don’t get better results as you expect. You should hire an SEO expert for saving your valuable time. A professional and expert SEO consultant can save your money and produce better results than you expect.

An SEO Expert primarily ensures efficiency for your ongoing digital marketing campaigns. He/She identifies issues and resolves them effectively. As a result, you get better responses from your audiences against the investment. Besides, an SEO marketing consultant deploys in-depth research on the targets and crafts tailored strategies to attain business goals within a standard timeframe.

Digital marketing is everything about digital media. In contrast, traditional marketing may involve print media advertising, electronic media advertising, and even door-to-door marketing. However, in this era, digital marketing is more powerful and effective when all are using digital devices. Besides, it is also cost-effective and ensures a quick return on investment.

Hiring an Search engine optimization marketing consultant can be tedious. With so many experts around, it is not easy to identify who is the best for you. However, years of experience, online expertise, and search engine superiority may help you determine the best SEO marketing consultant near you. In that case, you can hire the best SEO marketing consultant by clicking here.

When hiring an SEO Analyst, you should focus more on his/her skills than the price tag. Obviously, experience comes with a price. Hence, look for his years of experience, professionalism, past works before you hire him. Likewise, evaluate his level of understanding of the market and target audience to determine who would be the best SEO marketing consultant for you.

Becoming a successful SEO expert is never too easy, as people say. It requires devotion, skills, practice, and practical knowledge. Getting in-depth knowledge from SEO trainers would be a great spot to begin. In that case, use Google, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Udemy, and many other platforms to gather knowledge from experts. Then, try experimenting with your portfolio to see if your strategy works. Learn from mistakes; never stop trying.