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As a Google ads expert, my goal is to better attract the right visitors at the right time, thus increasing the probability of a successful transaction on your site. I am able to analyze in-depth analytics of your paid advertising campaigns and help better tell a complete story of what visitors think of your website. Paid media programs allow you to capture valuable data that simply isn’t available in any other marketing program. Being able to use this data to improve your site and to better understand your website visitor behavior can be an extremely important resource to help you improve website performance and rapidly increases revenues.

Here’s a look at the life cycle of my PPC marketing services.

1. Audience Research

Gaining a better understanding of how your target audience searches, the experience they expect and how I can best cater the experience from beginning to end is our primary objective.

Keyword Research

I review your website and evaluate the best keywords for me to bid on that are most relevant and will give you the best return on your investment.

Competitive Analysis

I use various tools to research what your competitors are doing, which keywords they are bidding on then work to develop the best strategy to outperform your top competition.

Industry Research

I look into your vertical and determine which keyword groupings will be most relevant to your target audience. I also research which keywords have the highest costs and best potential returns and focus on the best areas to get you the most return on your investment.

Persona Development

Analyzing the different types of people that are most likely to convert will be our primary point of emphasis. I work to better understand the targeted keywords and the experience needed to provide your audience with the best opportunity to convert.

2. Campaign Audit

I start your campaign with an extensive audit so that I can understand how your ads have been performing and better predict the proper roadmap moving forward. Whether you have been running your Google Ads campaigns internally or utilizing the resources of another agency, I can dig into the campaigns and identify the best ways to make your campaigns perform even better. Here are just a few of the things I address in our audits.

Google Ads Account Setup

I start my audits by looking at the settings and organization of your campaigns. I will analyze things like device targeting, ad rotation, ad scheduling, quality scores, topics and interests, and much more. This will give us a better understanding of how your accounts are set up and will help us identify opportunities for optimization.

Keyword Optimization

Targeting the right keywords is a crucial part of any paid search campaign. I will look at things such as keywords styles (broad, exact, modified phrase), negative keywords, and impression share to find opportunities for future optimization.

Ad Appearance

Your ad aesthetics are an introduction to your brand and can help you stand out from the crowd. I look for things like misspellings and grammar issues, offers and promotions, display URL, mobile responsiveness, and usability.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions make your ad appear more prominently and improve user experience. I’ll check to see if you have extensions set up, if they’re set up correctly, and if there are opportunities for more extensions.

3. Campaign Optimization

Optimizing a paid search campaign consists of many initiatives. There are many moving parts all working together to help constantly improve. Working with the organic SEO, I share data to put together a strategy to help improve all marketing campaigns. I work tirelessly to create very specific, highly targeted campaigns that pull in only the highest quality traffic to your site. Some of the techniques I use to optimize your paid search campaigns specifically include:

Ad Copy Testing

Having multiple ads running at the same time will help me gain a better understanding of how your target audience responds to different types of messaging. This can be extremely valuable when deciding which content to put on all pages of your website.

Campaign Structure

Having Google ads and Bing ads campaigns properly structured will help me manage the campaigns more efficiently and effectively. It’s important to have structured ad groups with highly relevant keywords and ad copy to tie in together and provide consistency.

Day Parting

Showing your ads to the right person at the right time can be a combination of art and science but is something I continuously test to give your ads the best opportunity of bringing in the traffic with the best opportunity to convert. I serve up specific ads to specific audiences by day or the week and hour of the day to get the most out of every dollar spent.

Retargeting Ads

It’s common for a site visitor to require multiple visits to your site before they ultimately convert. Retargeting ads allow us to tag site visitors and place them into different audiences that I can then target by showing banner advertisements all across the web to bring them back to your site give them another touch point to help them move along the conversion process.

Social Media Ads

Similar to remarketing, targeting your target audience on different social media platforms gives me greater reach in pulling in your target audience to help increase the chances of making them a customer.

Conversion Optimization

Creating a tightly knit experience from the keyword triggered to the ad clicked on to the landing page is all part of optimizing the campaigns. Keeping consistent messaging from all stages of the conversion process is essential. Having the right landing pages that are constantly being optimized and tested alongside the paid search campaigns allows us to produce the best results possible.

4. Reporting & Analytics

One of the many benefits of running paid search campaigns is the ability to tie in paid and organic data together. I believe paid and organic search campaigns work congruently and when executed properly, can produce incrementally higher results with the proper strategy.

Google Analytics

Tying Google Ads and Bing ads data into Google Analytics allows me to create custom dashboards that show a customer’s experience and all of their touchpoints along their way to conversion. Once I have enough data to start noticing patterns in converting behavior, I will then adjust our campaigns to capture the right audience and help them along the top converting paths.

Call Tracking

On average, approximately 50% of site traffic now comes from a mobile device, and that number is constantly on the rise. It’s important to track both online and offline events, like phone calls. By tracking phone calls, I can pull those events into Google Analytics which then allows me to report on different conversion events including sales calls.


I love data almost as much as I love talking about it. With consistent communication, I never keep you in the dark. Whether it be weekly updates, comprehensive monthly reports of Adhoc phone calls, I work as a partnership to provide you with the insight needed to always understand how your campaigns are performing.

I ultimately can report on the most critical metrics that matter most to you and your company.

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