Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification Answers 

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Sample: Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam Answers 2022

1.What feature collects company-specific data such as Member Status?

  • Custom Filter
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric
  1. Which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track?
  • Pageview
  • Event
  • All of the above
  • Transaction
  1. To recognize users across different devices, what feature must be enabled?
  • Audience Definitions
  • Attribution Models
  • Google Ads Linking
  • User ID
  1. In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, how are default conversions credited?
  • Second to last campaign, search or ad
  • Equal credit along the conversion touchpoints
  • Last campaign, search, or ad
  • First campaign, search or ad
  1. What report indicates the pages of a website where users first arrived?
  • Landing Pages report
  • Pages report
  • Location report
  • All Pages report
  1. What feature is required to send data from a web-connected device (like a point-of-sale system) to Google Analytics?
  • The Measurement Protocol
  • Data Import
  • Browser cookies
  • The Networking Protocol
  1. What is not considered a default “medium” in Google Analytics?
  • referral
  • google
  • organic
  • cpc
  1. What is the set of rules that determines how sales and conversions get credited based on touch-points in the conversion path?
  • Attribution modeling
  • Conversion tracking
  • Channel Groupings
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  1. What metric-dimension combination is not valid?
  • Time on Page / Device Category
  • Sessions / Bounce rate
  • Sessions / Source
  • Total Events / User Type
  1. Which reports indicate how traffic arrived at a website?
  • Demographics
  • Geo
  • All Traffic
  • Behavior
  1. In views that don’t have data import enabled, Custom Dimensions values may be viewed for dates before the Custom Dimension was created. 
  • TRUE
  1. Custom Dimensions can be used as what?
  • Primary dimensions in Custom Reports
  • All of the above
  • Secondary dimensions in Custom Reports
  • Secondary dimensions in Standard reports
  1. What feature must be enabled to use Multi-Channel Funnels?
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Advertising Features
  • Goals or Ecommerce
  • In-page Analytics
  1. What data table display compares report metrics to the website average? 
  • Pivot
  • Percentage
  • Performance
  • Comparison
  1. View filters are applied in what order?
  • Creation date
  • Random order
  • Sequential order
  • Alphabetical order
  1. Auto-tagging is used to collect data from what kind of traffic?
  • Social media traffic
  • Social media traffic
  • Google Ads Campaign traffic
  • Website referral traffic
  1. What report indicates where users start or exit the conversion funnel?
  • Goal Flow
  • Treemaps
  • Cohort Analysis
  • User Timings
  1. Which parameters can be included with an event hit for reporting?
  • Event, Category, Action, Label
  • Category, Action, Label, Unique Events
  • Category, Action, Label, Value
  • Category, Action, Label, Total Events
  1. What Remarketing audiences cannot be defined by default?
  • Users who speak a particular language
  • Users who visited a physical store
  • Users who played a video on a website
  • Users who visited a specific page on a website
  1. What data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track?
  • Customer’s lifetime value
  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Watching a video
  1. In Custom Reports, what must metrics and dimensions share in order to report accurately?
  • Same view
  • Same scope
  • Same Custom Report
  • Same index
  1. What is used to create Smart Goals?
  • Machine-learning algorithms
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics Goals
  • Remarketing audience
  1. Which three campaign parameters are recommended to manually track campaigns?
  • Medium, Source, and Content
  • Campaign, Content, and Term
  • Medium, Source, and Campaign
  • Source, Content, and Term
  1. Filters cannot perform what action on collected data?
  • Include data from specific subdomains
  • Include shopping preferences
  • Convert dynamic page URLs to readable text strings
  • Exclude traffic from particular IP addresses
  1. If a user watches a video with event tracking three times in a single session, Analytics will count how many Unique Events?
  • 2
  • 6
  • 1
  • 3
  1. What scope levels available for dimensions and metrics?
  • Event-level, duration-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope
  • Event-level, session-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope
  • Location-level, duration-level, product-level, or user-level scope
  • Hit-level, session-level, product-level, or user-level scope
  1. Which assets cannot be shared in the Solutions Gallery?
  • Goals
  • Segments
  • Custom reports
  • Custom Dimensions
  1. Which Goals are available in Google Analytics?
  • Custom Filter
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric
  1. What report identifies browsers that may have had problems with a website?
  • The Active Users report
  • The Browser & OS report
  • The Source/Medium report
  • The New vs Returning report
  1. What scope would be set for a Custom Dimension that reports membership status for a customer rewards program?
  • Session
  • Hit
  • Product
  • User
  1. To track users and sessions across multiple domains, what first must be set up?
  • Data Import
  • Ad Exchange Linking
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Google Ads Linking
  1. When the same default tracking code is installed on pages with different domains, what will result?
  • Analytics will associate users and sessions with a single domain
  • Analytics will not associate users and sessions with any domain
  • Analytics will send an alert about duplicate data collection
  • Analytics will associate users and sessions with their respective domains
  1. What feature would be used to collect how many times users downloaded a product catalog?
  • Custom Report
  • Event Tracking
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Custom Dimension
  1. What is a “secondary dimension” in Google Analytics?
  • Custom Report
  • Event Tracking
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Custom Dimension
  1. When will Google Analytics be unable to identify sessions from the same user by default?
  • When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same device
  • When the sessions share the same browser cookie
  • When the sessions happen in different browsers on the same device
  • When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same day
  1. What report shows which web pages get the most traffic and highest engagement?
  • Frequency and Recency report
  • Active Users report
  • Engagement report
  • All Pages report
  1. What is not considered a “source” in Google Analytics by default? 
  • email
  • (direct)
  • google
  • com
  1. If a user visits a web page with an embedded video, leaves without clicking on anything, and the session times out, how will Google Analytics report the session?
  • As an event
  • As a click
  • As a bounce
  • As an interaction
  1. What is not a benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing? 
  • Show customized ads to customers who have previously visited your site
  • Allow customers to quickly reorder an item they have previously purchased
  • Create remarketing lists without making changes to your existing Analytics snippet
  • Create remarketing lists based on custom segments and targets
  1. View filters may be applied retroactively to any data that has been processed.
  • False
  • True
  1. What report shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website?
  • Behavior > Frequency and Recency report
  • Interests > Affinity categories report
  • All traffic > Referrals report
  • Behavior > New vs returning report
  1. Once filters have been applied, what is the option to recover filtered data?
  • Filtered data is not recoverable
  • Data may be recovered within 10 days
  • Data may be recovered within 30 days
  • Data may be recovered within 5 days
  1. For autotagging, what parameter does Google Ads include in the destination URL?
  • adid=
  • urlid=
  • utm=
  • gclid=
  1. What report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously?
  • Sales Performance report
  • Frequency & Recency report
  • Referrals report
  • New vs Returning report
  1. What report shows users who initiated sessions over 1-day, 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day periods? 
  • Active Users report
  • User Explorer report
  • Users Flow report
  • Cohort Analysis report
  1. To view accurate data in a Custom Report, what action should be avoided?
  • Pair metrics and dimensions of different scopes
  • Use multiple dimensions together in the same report
  • Create a report with Custom Metrics
  • Use a Custom Dimension as a primary dimension
  1. How would a view filter be configured to include only users from Brazil and Argentina?
  • Filter 1: include Brazil > Filter 2: include Argentina
  • Filter 1: include Argentina > Filter 2: include Brazil
  • Filter 1: include Brazil or Argentina
  • Filter 1: exclude all countries except Brazil and Argentina
  1. What cannot be collected by the default Analytics tracking code?
  • Device and operating system
  • User’s favorite website
  • Page visits
  • Browser language setting
  1. Views can include website data collected before the view was created.
  • TRUE
  1. What report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website? 
  • Technology > Network report
  • Site Content > Landing Page report
  • Mobile > Devices report
  • All Traffic > Source/Medium report
  1. Within how many days can a deleted view be restored?
  • 25
  • 5
  • 35
  • 15
  1. What is not a benefit of using segments to analyze data?
  • Isolate and analyse specific conversion paths using conversion segments
  • Permanently modify the data in a view
  • Analyse users by single or multi-session conditions
  • Compare behavior metrics for groups of users like Converters vs non Converters
  1. What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed? 
  • Location report
  • Frequency and Recency report
  • Content Drilldown report
  • Top Events report
  1. What criteria could not be used to create a Dynamic Remarketing audience?
  • Users who returned an item they purchased
  • Users who viewed a homepage
  • Users who viewed a search result page on a website
  • Users who viewed product-detail pages
  1. What report shows a visual representation of user interactions on a website?
  • Behavior Flow report
  • Landing Pages report
  • Content Drilldown report
  • Treemaps report
  1. A new Custom Channel Group may be applied retroactively to organize data that has been previously collected.
  • True
  • False
  1. When linking a Google Ads account to Google Analytics, what is not possible?
  • Import Analytics Goals and transactions into Google Ads as conversions
  • Adjust keyword bids in Google Ads from Google Analytics
  • View Google Ads click and cost data next to site engagement data in Analytics
  • Create remarketing lists in Analytics to use in Google Ads campaigns
  1. What asset is used to build a remarketing list?
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Segment
  • Custom Report
  • Custom Metric
  1. If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordercomplete” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages will NOT count as a goal?
  • /ordercomplete.php
  • /ordercomplete/index.html
  • /ordercomplete/thank_you.html
  • /order/complete.php
  1. What does assigning a value to a Google Analytics Goal enable?
  • Track actual revenue from conversions
  • Track real-time business revenue
  • Analyze a website conversion funnel
  • Compare goal conversions and measure changes to a website
  1. When does a default Analytics session expire?
  • When a user is inactive on a web page for more than 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes, regardless of user activity on a web page
  • At noon every day
  • When a user opens a new browser window
  1. What report indicates the last page users viewed before leaving a website?
  • Landing Pages report
  • All Pages report
  • Exit Pages report
  • Pages report
  1. Google Analytics cannot collect data from which systems by default?
  • Custom Filter
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric
  1. What would prevent data from appearing in a Custom Report?
  • Too many metrics in a Custom Report
  • A filter that removes all the data
  • Custom Report isn’t shared with users in the same view
  • Too many dimensions in a Custom Report
  1. Where should the Analytics tracking code be placed in the HTML of a webpage for data collection?
  • Just after the opening <head> tag
  • Just before the closing </body> tag
  • Just after the opening <body> tag
  • Just before the closing </head> tag
  1. Segments will not allow you to do what?
  • Create subsets of sessions or users
  • Permanently alter data
  • Build custom Remarketing lists
  • Isolate and analyze data
  1. To recognize users across different devices, what is required for User ID?
  • Custom Filter
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric
  1. What channel is not included in the default Channels report?
  • Direct
  • Display
  • Organic Search
  • Device
  1. What is not a filter setting for data in views?
  • Modify
  • Include
  • Restore
  • Exclude
  1. What feature can join offline business systems data with online data collected by Google Analytics?
  • Data import
  • Goal tracking
  • User ID
  • Google Ads Linking
  1. Which reports indicate how website referrals, organic search, and ad campaigns assisted in conversions?
  • Goals reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  • Ecommerce reports
  1. In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, what channel would not be credited with a conversion?
  • Paid and organic search
  • Website referrals
  • Social network
  • Television commercials
  1. What type of Custom Report shows a static sortable table with rows of data?
  • Flat Table
  • Explorer
  • Map Overlay
  • Pivot Table
  1. What feature is required to track customer search terms on a website?
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Site Search
  • Data Import
  • Search filters
  1. What is a “metric” in Google Analytics?
  • The numbers in a data set often paired with dimensions
  • The dates in a date range
  • A segment of data separated out in a report for comparison
  • A dimension that can help analyze site performance
  1. What criteria cannot be used to create a Custom Segment?
  • Ad type
  • Dimensions
  • Metrics
  • Sequences of user actions
  1. Which default traffic source dimensions does Google Analytics report for each website visitor? 
  • Campaign and Ad Content
  • Source and Campaign
  • Source and Medium
  • Campaign and Medium
  1. Which user characteristic may NOT be used to change keyword bids in Google Ads? 
  • time of day
  • location
  • device
  • ad preference
  1. When does the Analytics tracking code send a pageview hit to Google Analytics?
  • Every time a user adds an item to an online shopping cart
  • Every time a user clicks a video on a website
  • Every time a user searches on a website
  • Every time a user loads a webpage with embedded tracking code
  1. What campaigns require manual tags on destination URLs for tracking?
  • None of the above
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Autotagged campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  1. What filter would only include data from a campaign titled “Back to School” in Campaign reports?
  • Custom Include filter with field “Page Title” and pattern “back to school”
  • Custom Include filter with field “Campaign Name” and pattern “back to school”
  • Custom Search and Replace filter with field “Campaign Name”, string “back to school”, and pattern “include”
  • Predefined Include filter with “traffic to the hostname” “that are equal to” “back to school”
  1. What scope applies to Custom Metrics?
  • Customer
  • Session
  • Hit
  • User
  1. What report compares metrics based on user acquisition date over a series of weeks?
  • User Explorer
  • Active Users
  • Users Flow
  • Cohort Analysis
  1. The default session timeout duration in Google Analytics is how many minutes?
  • 5
  • 10
  • 30
  • 20
  1. What data does Google Analytics prohibit collecting?
  • Product SKU(s)
  • Billing city
  • Purchase amount
  • Personally identifable information
  1. Using a standard Google Analytics configuration, which characteristics cannot be used to create a custom segment? 
  • Users 25 to 34 years old who have their browser set to Spanish
  • Users who engaged in a social media or email campaign
  • Users who viewed a page on a website, then watched a video
  • Users who are female and have children
  1. If a Destination Goal is created for a newsletter sign-up and a user completes the newsletter sign-up three times in three separate sessions, how many Goal conversions will Google Analytics count? 
  • 3
  • 2
  • 6
  • 1
  1. What is a “dimension” in Google Analytics?
  • An attribute of a data set that can be organized for better analysis
  • The lifetime value of a user in a given date range
  • A report that offers different demographic information about your audience
  • A comparison of data between two date ranges
  1. What feature is required to collect the number of comments users posted to a web page?
  • Custom Channel Groupings
  • Calculated Metric
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric
  1. Which metric reports on how often a channel contributes to a conversion prior to last-click attribution?
  • Primary conversion
  • Second-to-last-click attribution
  • Assisted conversion
  • Secondary conversion
  1. What is the “Bounce Rate” in Google Analytics?
  • Percentage of visits when a user landed on a website and exited without any interactions
  • Number of times users returned to a website in a given time period
  • Percentage of total site exits
  • Percentage of sessions in which a user exits from a homepage
  1. What model represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account?
  • Property > Account > View
  • Account > Property > View
  • View > Account > Property
  • Account > View > Property
  1. To increase the speed at which Google Analytics compiles reports, what action could be taken? 
  • Choose “Faster response” in the sampling pulldown menu
  • Apply an advanced filter to the report
  • Remove any filters on the view
  • Choose “Greater precision” in the sampling pulldown menu
  1. Sampling is applied to reports before segmentation.
  • TRUE
  1. If a web page visitor clears the Analytics cookie from their browser, what will occur?
  • All of the above
  • Analytics will set a new browser cookie the next time a browser loads a tracked page
  • Analytics will set a new unique ID the next time a browser loads a tracked page
  • Analytics will not be able to associate user behavior data with past data collected
  1. Which reports require the activation of Advertising Features?
  • Geo reports
  • Cohort Analysis reports
  • Real-time reports
  • Demographics and Interests reports
  1. When does the tracking code send an event hit to Google Analytics?
  • Every time a user performs an action with pageview tracking implemented
  • Every time a user adds an event to their calendar
  • Every time a user performs an action with event tracking implemented
  • Every time a user makes a reservation
  1. What campaign parameter is not available by default in Google Analytics ?
  • utm_content
  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_adgroup
  1. Sharing a Custom Report will share the report configuration and data included in the report. 
  • TRUE