Our WordPress website management services are affordable and designed for Small Businesses. 

We will monitor and manage your WordPress website on a monthly basis. See following our services:

Daily off-site Backups: Backup is the cornerstone of WordPress website management. If an update fails, or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. We will keep a daily off-site backup of your WordPress site so that you can restore it whenever you need it.

Broken Link Monitor & Fix: Broken links on your website damage your visitors’ browsing experience & Google and other search engines don’t like broken links as a result it impacts keyword rankings negatively. Our team will monitor your website’s link and fix any broken links.

Analytics Data monitor: We will monitor your website’s Google Analytics Data and send you an analytics overview report.

Plug-in Updates: WordPress plugins should always be kept up-to-date to ensure that those changes are applied immediately on your site. By doing this, your WordPress website will be more secure and perform more efficiently. We will keep always up-to-date your all plugins.

Monthly Website Audit & Report: We will monthly website audit and send you an audit report so that you can determine what problems your website has and needs to be fixed.

SEO Keywords Ranking Report: You no longer have to separately find, monitor, and record your keywords. We will give you a keywords ranking report.

Basic SEO Advice: We will send you basic SEO advice to get Quality leads and increase your website’s traffic.

On-Page SEO audit and optimization: We will do on-page SEO audit and send you an On-page SEO suggestion to improve your organic search. result.

24/7 security and malware monitoring: The Security Check makes it easy for you to make sure that all of your sites are clean, and if any files become infected you will be able to spot them on time.

Minor WordPress Development Services: We will do fix your website’s minor issues.

Monthly Progress Report: You will get a monthly progress report.